Our History


     We have been working in Japan and Indonesia since 2012 and established Jakarta Office in 2014 and Japan Office in 2018.We are working as a framework for Japanese and Indonesian people to freely act on their own ideas and to realize great ideas quickly.Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every idea could contribute to society by utilizing the possibilities of natural resources and technology that spread across the borders of both countries? We offer products to solve each hurdle in the process.

社名   :  A・W・J 株式会社

所得地  : 〒124-0005 東京都 葛飾区宝町 2-30-5

代表取締役: アディヌルワン

創業   : 2018年4月

資本金  : 500万円

Our Vision


Our vision is to bring our technical expertise and experience in business development to offer communication solutions to meets your business needs and create a better future.

Our Mission

  • 高品質の製品とサービスの提供。

  • スタッフ各自が能力と可能性を最大限に成長できる環境の提供。
  • 企業として法令遵守と社会に貢献。
  • Provide high quality service & products.
  • Create an environment where every employee can fully utilize their abilities and potential.
    Respect rules as corporate citizens and contribute to society.