Prices of food, drink items to increase

Meiji’s Essel Super Cup ice cream

The prices of food products including ice cream and fish paste will rise from Friday due to an increase in distribution and ingredient costs. In April, dairy products such as milk and yogurt as well as large bottled beverages will also cost more, Fuji TV reported.

The price hikes precede the 10% consumption tax hike in October and will likely affect families’ household spending.

Meiji, the confectionery and dairy product manufacturer, will increase the prices of 23 products, including its Essel Super Cup series, whose suggested retail price will go from 140 to 151 yen. Meiji said in a statement, “We have tried to come up with possible measures that compensate for the rise in costs, but we found it difficult to continue selling products at our current prices.”

Pino, the bite-size ice cream snack by Morinaga Milk, will see an 11 yen increase to 152 yen. Ezaki Glico and Lotte are also facing increases in distribution costs and plan to hike ice cream prices.

Nippon Suisan will increase the price of fish paste products like chikuwa at a rate of 5-10%, while Nippon Flour Mills said its frozen food items will cost 5-13% more.

Coca Cola Bottlers Japan and Suntory Beverage & Food have also decided to hike the prices of their beverages in April, for the first time in 25 years, with 2-liter bottles to cost 20 yen more.

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