Facebook pays $5 for voice samples

Facebook is buying your voices for $5. (Image via TechCrunch)

The largest social media platform based in the United States (U.S), Facebook, was reported to pay its users to donate their “voices”, as part of its project to enhance voice-recognizing algorithms in loudspeakers and cameras of Facebook Portal.

Named “Project Pronunciations”, it is a part of the research of Facebook Viewpoints which gives rewards for the users for contributing to the test and survey of the company.

However, the offer is not global. Reported by Techradar, Facebook only offers the chance for Americans over 18 years old and has at least 75 friends on Facebook. In the project, the applicant will only be required to say “Hi, Portal!” then followed by mentioning one of their friends’ names.

Regarding the amount of reward, Facebook does not give that much for its applicants. They will receive US$5 which will be transferred to their PayPal after five recording sessions where one recording is equal to 200 points.

Reported by Pocket-lint, Facebook has stopped using automatic voice samples. With the “Pronunciations”, Facebook offers a new approach to pay people for their “voices”.

Often criticized for selling its users’ data to third parties, Facebook asserted that the recorded clips will not be linked to their benefactors’ profile and be shared without permission.

Source : https://aunbizdata.com/news/read/facebook-pays-5-for-voice-samples


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