Gojek drivers wear Gojek jackets with a new logo on it. (Image via Lampung Pro)

The Head of Capital Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Trikasih Lembong made a statement during a press conference that said 4 Indonesian unicorns are owned by Singapore. Thomas revealed that his statement is based on a research done by Temasek-Google. According to him, in the research, it is revealed that Indonesia doesn’t have a unicorn while Singapore has four unicorns. However, the data was published back in 2016, even before these 4 unicorns claimed themselves to be unicorns. These unicorns are said to be Gojek, Traveloka, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak.

Hearing the news, Gojek’s Chief of Corporate Affairs Nila Marita stated that Gojek is 100% owned by Indonesia under the Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa company. Moreover, all of the stocks and investments are in the company which located in Indonesia and they don’t have a company in Singapore. Nila also added that they always report everything about the stocks and investments to the Capital Investment Coordinating Board. It is reported that most of Gojek employees are Indonesians.

Same as Gojek, Traveloka made a statement regarding the viral issue. Traveloka’s Public Relations Director Sufintri Rahayu, revealed that the past investment and fundraising are meant to develop Traveloka as a startup from Indonesia. Just like Gojek, most of Traveloka’s employees are Indonesians. Other than in Jakarta, Traveloka has branches located in Semarang and Yogyakarta. 

After Thomas’ statement went viral and the startups clarified, Thomas apologized to the public. On his Twitter, he said that Tokopedia and Bukalapak have clarified to him, while Gojek has clarified to the public. Thomas also attached the Temasek-Google data which he used to release the viral statement.

Source : https://aunbizdata.com/news/read/who-owns-gojek-indonesia-or-singapore-

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